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December 27, 2000

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Briefly Yours

By Joel Son Panti

The freeloader

First, it was Gov. Sanchez's bodyguard who, despite having no driver's license, used the provincial government-owned Pajero. It figured in an accident in 1998, a month after the governor's assumption to office. This bodyguard disappeared like a bubble!

Second, the governor's chief bodyguard, also from Caramoran, manhandled a newspaper columnist. A case has been lodged in court against this guy. The same chief bodyguard disappeared like a bubble!

Third, in the presence of the governor, two of his bodyguards manhandled a certain Ricardo Tuquero at Cabugao Bay in connection with drifted logs immediately after howler Loleng. These two bodyguards disappeared like bubbles!

And here comes another bodyguard, also from Caramoran, and a first cousin of the governor. he was caught by PNP operatives on Dec. 8 at a waterhole in downtown Virac sporting an unlicensed Smith & Wesson cal. 38 revolver.

A case has been filed in court by the PNP provincial command against bodyguard Ulrico Sabeniano Bernardo. This cousin-bodyguard disappeared like a bubble!

Our readers will note that three major ideas stand out in our narration above. One - bodyguard; two - they all violated a law; and, three - they all disappeared like bubbles! Just like that!

In the case of former chief security officer Yuga who slapped fellow writer Jex Lucero, local newsmen were able to ascertain that he was asked by the governor to "disappear."

It is, therefore, safe to conclude that bodyguard-cousin Bernardo was instructed by the governor to hide in Metro Manila to evade the law. And so with the other three bodyguards.  



Now, how do you assess the governor's acts of protecting his erring security aids? Protecting them from the arms of the law?

The imbeciles will say that the governor is an excellent and overly protective employer. That he protects them at all cost, and therefore, deserves a pat on the back.

Both the educated and civilized mind will tell you that such an act is expressive of an irresponsible employer. That such an act manifested a highly disturbing disorder because a governor with a normal mind will readily surrender his erring bodyguards and let the law take its course. That is the mark of a responsible and respectable governor.

By coddling them or by banishing them to Manila, the governor becomes an accomplice or could be interpreted that his bodyguards violated the law under his direct order.

He is also guilty of obstructing justice. The governor should listen to sound advice. Surrender them to the authorities. And people will love you, will give you a standing ovation, will respect you.

Keep and hide them, and the people will curse you to hell, will call you irresponsible. The choice is yours to make.   



Make hay while the sun shines.

This is precisely what some members of Task Force Quarry are doing. They bleed contractors dry. If you don't come across with P2,500, they will stop your truck. Worse, they will order your driver to haul back the aggregates to the site where they were extracted! 

"Dai na kaipuhan mag-coa nin quarry permit sa capitolyo basta maca-tao ca nin P2,500," says a complaining contractor. The contractors say that these Draculas siphon the provincial quarry fund into their personal pockets.

We honestly believe that the governor does not know this thievery. Or, does he?

This modus operandi is known by all contractors in the province. But most affected are the small contractors. We suggest that the head of the Task Force should conduct an investigation without delay! That is, on the assumption that he is not aware.



Many people ask why these quarry vultures do their thing as if there’s no tomorrow.

Some analysts say that the hurry to accumulate cash among the governor's subalterns is indicative of the governor's total humiliation in the May 14 polls next year.

They argue that since they knew that their boss will lose the elections, they have to make hay while the sun shines.

Dapat samantalahin habang nariyan pa sila. They still have some five months to fill their pockets with dirty money. That is, if the governor does not crack the whip.



"Marami-rami na rin ang naibigay namin diyan," Sonia Obarra was quoted as having said of a PBM who usually frequent the governor's residence in Manila.

This guy should make up his mind. It is definitely loathsome ang namamangka sa dalawang ilog! Kapal muks!

The same PBM was allegedly seen twice in the house of the governor's writer. When allegedly told, "Papano `yan, binigyan ka na ng kotse ni Congressman,” this opportunist allegedly retorted back: "dai co man pighagad ini, pigtao sana saco."

See the kind of values or morality this hombre has?

Recently, he was quoted as having said that "kung dai aco cohon ni Cong bilang vice (governor), mabalyo aco."

He is shamelessly drunk! Without his knowing it, many barangay captains curse him now and call him as a "freeloader."

"Dai na an maobra ngonian, batid na cami can saiyang palusot," says a punong barangay of San Andres. "Kung minsan, mapunta an saindo harani na an pangaldao. Kung igwa camong carne, siya an ma-offer na maluto asin pababacalon ca pa nin gin. Mayo nang gasto, nakacaon pa," says one victim in Caramoran.

He swore that will never happen again! "Dai na an maobra sa among mga capitan."



Jorde A. de Leon's column last week in another tabloid had its head with the question "From preacher to prophet?"

His dissertation on Bro. Mike Velarde's stand on the Oust Estrada movement is indeed superb.

From preacher to prophet? That's incomplete. It should be "From preacher to prophet to profit."



We have it on good source that the running mate of Sanchez is Tanael. And among their PBMs are de Luna and a retired school supervisor.

This team is good. Really good. Good for the other political camp. If I belong to the other camp, I'll not be proud defeating the Sanchez camp. It's a mismatch.


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