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December 13, 2000

Virac, Catanduanes


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Briefly Yours

By Joel Son Panti  

Lucky guy

The DECS division office should look into the serious charge against Palta National High School teacher-in-charge Reymundo Aguilar.

This is serious because what is at stake are moral values and values education. If a mere classroom teacher is expected to be a good role model, more so with a principal or a teacher-in-charge.

Aguilar is being charged for appropriating unto himself a VHS and a TV set intended for the school. Complaints also allege that two or three out of seven computers are not in the school building but probably at his home.

They also question the alleged disappearance of some 132 bags of cement which, they claimed, were used in the construction of the TIC's house at Mamangal, and by another teacher.

These are very serious charges. If these are true, then Aguilar has no moral nor legal right to the position. He should be kicked out, and someone who would truly act as a role model for the young students and the community installed in his place.

This guy is a lucky guy despite his age and despite his being a neophyte in the political arena.

He is being courted by the Sanchez camp, by the Santiago camp and by the Verceles camp. What is in him that attracts all political camps with varied political colors?

Perhaps because he owns his late father's name, who, according to Vice Gov. Al Aquino, "was an illustrious provincial lawmaker, dedicated and determined."

Since he became a replacement of his father, PBM Fred A. Gianan, Jr. was never involved in any anomaly, unlike his peers in the faction, too greedy for projects and contracts, too subservient to their benefactor, too eager and too ambitious at the expense of propriety and decency.

That's why when Provincial Secretary Ursus de Quiroz showed us Lakas-NUCD national chair Heherson Alvarez's letter to President Estrada asking for the revocation of Gianan's appointment as PBM, we said it was a wrong tactical move.

It is very clear, however, that their main target is not Fred, Jr. but Gov. Sanchez and Sanchez's greedy PBMs who are too in a hurry of authorizing the governor to enter into contracts because some contracts or projects were given to them. Ang iba nga ay nakahingi na ng advance.

Rep. Verceles, thru the congressional office here, said that the solon will "take care" of Alvarez's letter to the President and sent the invitation to Fred Jr., fondly called "Yongyong," to occupy one slot for PBM in his political party. Chief of staff Engr. Bic Abundo says the offer remains open.

As one of the best friends of your late father, thru thick and thin, having been with the Tribune for 15 long years, my advice is to choose between the offer of Santiago and Verceles.

That is my honest and considered opinion. And I'm pretty sure a horde of others agree and concur with that honest opinion.

I'd like you to associate with a group that would pull you up in the polls, not a group that would pull you down. Jex and I would be very happy to see you occupy the seat occupied by Indo, for only then can you carry on the unfinished fight, so valiantly and gallantly fought by Indo.

Gratitude is a virtue applauded by all civilized people of all race and religion in this planet Earth. But there comes a time when it must end, when your very political existence is at stake. And above all, when the good of the greatest majority of our people demands it.

If it is true that Bro. Rene Velarde is putting up a weekly newspaper here, it is good news. The more, the merrier.

People would be afforded all angles of an issue, all kinds of information and they can arrive at a saner, more considered, and reasonable opinion. This is a necessity in molding public opinion.

But readers should be discriminating. They should be able to distinguish between facts from fancy, facts from fiction, because now, there are some writers who make and manufacture news to satisfy their financier's political agenda.

The news of an impending birth of another tabloid would also mean that the relationship between Rene and Hector has gone to the dogs, because is not, then the former could have simply used the latter's existing tabloid.

Today, however, of the three most popular names eyeing a congressional seat, the name Joseph Santiago rings a bell.

The NTC Commissioner is more than ready for his virgin political bout. His residence at San Isidro Village is undergoing a thorough facelift to accommodate more people and occasions.

He is from Virac. And Virac has the highest number of voters. And yet, matunog ang pangalan niya sa Norte. I have hundreds of college students from the North. They tell me so.

Beauteous Evelyn San Ramon has already called for a presscon among the local print media and announced her readiness to go for broke. NTC Commissioner Santiago has done the same.

Only Velarde has not called for a press conference, except perhaps among the writers of Gov. Sanchez's paper when their relationship was not yet bitter.

The people will know their respective program of government when they finally file their certificates of candidacy next month.

Last Friday night, a certain Ulpiano Sabeniano Bernardo, allegedly a first cousin of Gov. Sanchez, was arrested by the Virac police for carrying an unlicensed firearm at the Hang-O-Beer watering hole. The incident has been recorded in the police blotter.

What is sad is his big boss has allegedly called up the PNP provincial director and asked him to "plantsahin na lang."

We wish to remind the Virac police chief and the provincial director that the law is not only for the poor and the powerless, but also for the rich, the powerful and the influential.

If the local police will succumb to the pressure of the Big Boss, then it will reach the office of Gen. Ping Lacson. Try it!

This incident, among many others, demonstrates the propensity of Gov. Sanchez to provide his men with firearms.

People in Virac do not really understand such propensity since this is a town which is relatively peaceful. Killings occur now and then, not by the use of firearms but by a simple knife.

Virac is not Masbate, neither is is Basilan. Are you trying to make this place a cowboy town?


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