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December 6, 2000

Virac, Catanduanes


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by Fernan A. Gianan


Time is ripe for a boxing program

A subscriber wonders why Digital Telecommunications (Digitel), the local landline communications operator for Virac, has not issued a new phone directory despite the hundreds of new connections it made in the recent months.

He says Digitel's failure to provide even xerox copies of computerized lists of phone subscribers denies existing subscribers the full use of the company's services.

The phone company' negligence has resulted in a situation where a subscriber does not not even know the numbers of his phone-equipped neighbors and would not be able to reach out to stores and service firms, even friends. Paging NTC Commissioner Joseph Santiago!

* * * * *


In the current legal controversy regarding Magin Isuela's suspension from his post as Municipal Liga President of Caramoran and "by operation of law," as Provincial Liga President and ex-officio PBM, it is worth noting how the complaint against him was framed.

Manuel Araojo alleges that Isuela unlawfully used the Liga ambulance for his personal and family purposes and sought his removal  as municipal Liga president in Caramoran. But reliable sources say the PCSO ambulance was donated by LMP president Jinggoy Estrada in 1998 to Isuela in his capacity as provincial Liga president, with the Kia ambulance to be used by the Liga board.

Now, isn't it proper that Isuela should have been charged before the Liga National Executive Board pursuant to the Liga By-Laws as he had been using the vehicle as provincial Liga president?

Something sure is rotten in Caramoran  and the Liga board, and it is not Araojo's complaint nor the Board's suspect decision.

* * * * *

Perhaps, with the enthusiasm displayed by the crowd of nearly 2000 at the Bakbakan sa Virac sponsored by NTC Commissioner Joseph Santiago and a host of kind souls, it is time for the provincial and municipal governments to join hands in framing a local boxing program that would enable us to find promising amateurs and train them for national competitions.

Manny Pacquiao’s rise to prominence started when he was a 10-year old joining weekly boxing contests sponsored by the General Santos City government. A similar program, using the two idle platforms at the side of the Virac Sports Center stage, would encourage youngsters to take up the sport and help realize would-be Congressman Santiago's bid to regain the lost glory of Catanduanes in sports. Santiago knows what he is speaking of; he had six years of experience as manager of the Mobiline basketball team in the PBA, guiding it through heartbreaks and hard-earned wins.


* * * * *  

Incidentally, the NTC commissioner sat side by side with former Gov. Severo C. Alcantara during the Bakbakan. It was hard to hear what they were talking about, with the whistles and catcalls as round girls, including a flirty gay, displayed their assets.

A day later, a rumor surfaces that the aging but feisty Sev is making a comeback, this time as governor running along with Santiago. Some people may see him as old and physically unfit for the demanding job he once held. But he is reportedly willing to job to prove his fitness.

Maybe he is dismayed by the conflict at the SP, which he handled with finesse and experience, and the war between Sanchez and Verceles. If he wins, it would be too much to assume that he would be able to handle the present board members, assuming they all win, considering that during the time Sev led the SP and the provincial government, the PBMs had shorter horns.


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