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December 6, 2000

Virac, Catanduanes


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Briefly Yours

By Joel Son Panti  

Is this not funny?

May we ask the Virac PNP why only the small fry in the seas of "loteng" and"ending"are caught but the big fish remain scot-free?

Yes, why, Mr. Chief of Police? Or police cheap?

There are two reasons: either, they do not know who the financier is, or they are gagged by a wad of cold cash, meaning, they are bribed!

If they do not know who the big fish is, then they do not deserve their salaries because they are inutile. If they are inutile, then  they should be kicked out of their jobs!

But only the stupid would believe that they do not know Popa, the big fish. Ergo, only the small fry is caught because they are bribed!

If they are, then money passes thru the chain of command - from the lowest to the highest. May we hear from the Cheap of Police and the Provincial Director?

"Ending" has been here fo about a decade now. "Loteng" has been introduced here long before Gov. Luis "Chavit" Singson exposed President Erap's jueteng collections.

Yet, only the collector is arrested but the financier remains on his high pedestal, untouched by law!

* * * * *


The provincial Liga ng mga Barangay board found Magin P. Isuela guilty of all the charges filed against him by barangay captain Manuel V. Araojo of Caramoran/.

He was suspended for eight months as ABC president of Caramoran and by operation of law, he also ceases to be an ex-officio member of the provincial board.It has been reported that Isuela's counsel will file a case for certiorari or annulment of the Liga board decision.

If one is to pause for a while and meditate on what is happening at the SP, one would reach a conclusion that the root cause of all these problems is in fact not law, not legal matters.

It is more on the realm of morality and delicadeza. Isuela, like Remelito Cabrera, allowed himself to be used and abused in exchange for a truck. Cabrera and his cohorts allowed themselves to be dined, wined and treated like little kings and queens, plus cold cash, if only to be "elected" provincial SK president.

Both the abuser and the abused completely and conveniently disregarded moral values. As a consequence, charges and countercharges mushroomed like mushrooms. Suits and countersuits became the order of the day.

In the process, the reason for their being there - to serve the people - has been relegated to the background, almost completely. In the meantime, who benefits out of the suits and countersuits, the charges and the countercharges?

No, not the abuser, not the abused. But the lawyers of both sides, specially the other side, who was quoted as having said, "pabayaan ta sana sindang magdurolac, basta an intindihon ta so cuarta ninda."

The more cases you file, the happier the lawyers become. As a matter of fact, some lawyers egg their clients to file and counterfile cases knowing fully well that they won't prosper.

Cannot Isuela and Cabrera and their masters exercise a little bit of delicadeza?

* * * * *


For lack of a quorum, for violating DILG's 24-hour notice requirement, and for the wrong venue, Vice Gov. Alfred Aquino will seek for the declaration of the SP special session null and void.

In a Saturday night interview with Aquino, who arrived Saturday afternoon after having been stranded at Tabaco port for two days due to typhoon Toyang, and after having been appraised of the SP special session, said that it is obvious that that session violated three major requisites.

He said the Local Government Code requires that the notice of session be served not less than 24 hours. The notice for the Nov. 23 special session was served in the late afternoon of Nov. 22 and the actual session was held at 8 A.M. the following day.

Aquino also said that under DILG guidelines, the quorum of 12 members is 7, including the regular presiding officer. In that special session, only five regular members attended with PBM Tanael acting as presiding officer.

SK head Cabrera's presence is being contested and is listed in the draft minutes as "visitor." But the SP faction considered Cabrera as a regular member despite a pending appeal of a court order.

Aquino also said that the filing of the administrative charges with the SP of an alleged verified complaint is considered a wrong venue, unless the violation involves internal rules."It should have been filed with the Office of the President, not with the SP," he said.

The resolution for the call of Aquino's suspension was allegedly based on a "verified complaint." But the SP faction failed to show the alleged verified complaint, neither was Aquino furnished a copy of the written complaint and asked to comment on it to satisfy the constitutional provision on due process.

The special session, from beginning to end, was all bungled up. First, the provincial secretary did not prepare not issue the notice of session. On the contrary, he was served a copy from the governor's office and asked to sign receipt.

Second, not a single member of that SP faction is a respondent requiring Cabrera to be allowed to sit as member of the SP. Third, proponents or authors of the resolution were Isuela, who was again suspended for eight months by his colleagues in Caramoran, and SK Cabrera whose entry to the SP is under contest.

Fourth, it was obvious there was no quorum.

Fifth, the said resolution was not prepared by the provincial secretary but by the office of the governor; the provincial secretary was only asked to sign it.

And, sixth, all the SP members were supposed to be on official travel to Manila since Nov. 21 and already have received their travel money. The session was held Nov. 23!

Now, tell me honestly, is this not really funny?


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