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February 07, 2001

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Major Developments



CNHS-PTA denies hand in black propaganda

The Parents-Teachers Association of the Catanduanes National High School has denied authorship of a letter requesting investigation of the school cashier for alleged illegal activities.

In an interview with the Tribune late Saturday evening, CNHS-PTA president Engr. Noel A. Balmadrid said they did not write nor send the unsigned, computer-printed letter dated Jan. 31, 2001 and addressed to the DECS division superintendent. Copies of the letter were reportedly sent to controversial CNHS principal Leandro I. Crispino, the Civil Service Commission, two provincial newspapers, the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Ombudsman.

Engr. Balmadrid said he will personally make representations with Supt. Nelly Beluso to deny having made the letter.

Informed that the letter might be related to the ongoing oust-Crispino movement spearheaded by cashier Jose R. Tayas as president of the Teachers and Employees Association (TEA), Balmadrid bared that the involvement of the PTA in the issue so far has been to refuse the request of the TEA for the parents to support their cause.

He said that, as far as the PTA is concerned, the controversy is an internal matter between the management and subordinates. As long as classes continue normally, he added, the PTA will pursue its hands-off policy unless chaos erupts on campus.

The PTA president also disclosed that the body has ratified amendments to the association's Constitution and By-Laws, foremost among which is the grant of ex-officio seats on the PTA board to the TEA president, the president of the Student Body Organization (SBO), the school principal, and a representative of the teaching faculty.

The amended version also mandates that nomination to any PTA post be done through nomination forms signed by the nominator and accepted by the nominee, with the election done through secret ballot. He said the amendments will take effect next school year when a new set of PTA officers shall have been elected.

The fake PTA letter accused Tayas of illegal salary deductions, conflict of interest in allegedly using the school funds in extending loans to teachers and employees, and the use of CNHS-TEA funds in the rice loan program to employees.

The letter also said that "inspite of the Memorandum of our Principal, Mr. Crispino instructing Mr. Tayas to stop these illegal activities he seems incline (sic) to disregard the Memorandum." The alleged PTA letter expressed support for Crispino's proposal that the teachers and employees be paid using checks, instead of cash, to stop Tayas' illegal activities.

Contacted by the Tribune, TEA officials said they vigorously oppose the principal's proposal, as they would be the only nationalized secondary school in the province which would pay its teachers in check. They claimed that the move is aimed at stopping the legal deduction from members of a teachers' cooperative who have availed of a loan scheme with the Catanduanes Bazaar and Supermart.


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