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February 07, 2001

Virac, Catanduanes


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Briefly Yours

By Joel Son Panti


Is the PNP fooling the people?

In his "Ulat," which turned out to be "alat," Gov. Sanchez is said to be hitting Rep. Verceles black and blue, about 95 percent, and only the remaining 5 percent is alloted to announcing his alleged "accomplishments."

First, Sanchez is violating the election code for campaigning even before filing his certificate of candidacy!

Second, he is insulting the people, especially the learned and the informed, because they know the facts from fiction, they know the real score.

Third, Sanchez proceeds with malice when he distributes xerox copies of Verceles' alleged bribe try because he himself knows that the accusation is without basis since it was he and his NBI friend who hatched up the idea.

Fourth, his alleged Ulat smacks of hypocrisy and illegality because he and his gang of PBMs "kuno" use government money and government resources in campaigning in the guise of delivering his maalat na ulat.

It is obvious that he has the mistaken notion that he is not only a governor but also a ruler.



Is it true that part of his Ulat includes an announcement that he is the official candidate of the Lakas-NUCD?

It is either he is fooling the people or he is fooling himself. Or, perhaps, he is hallucinating or simply confused!

The truth is Rep. Verceles and wife Natsy were recently sworn into the Lakas camp and made official candidates for governor and congressman, respectively.

As a result, Rep. Verceles has sworn into Lakas all candidates for mayor in the 11 municipalities.

Now, where do Sanchez and company belong? And why announce that he is the Lakas chair? As said earlier, perhaps he is hallucinating or is truly confused!

You'll recall that immediately after Chavit Singson dropped the bomb that led to Edsa Dos, Gov. Sanchez lost no time in rushing to Malacanang and declared his unconditional and full support to Erap.

When Erap was kicked out of Malacanang, Gov. Sanchez lost no time in announcing that he was instrumental in Erap's ouster, making it appear that he is too powerful and influential!

Hindi ka ba nahiya niyan, gob? You are a little more than two years in politics, as governor of a very small province, you are not a national figure, not even a regional figure.

You were not in Edsa, not even in spirit. When Catanduanes staged a rally demanding Erap's resignation, you were sweetly relaxing in your fully-airconditioned capitol office while hundreds demonstrated on the capitol grounds!!!

Now, you claim very proudly that you had a part in Erap's downfall? Nakakahiya!

The truth us, without Verceles, you should have not been addressed as governor. It was he who made you governor, for you were nobody in the province since birth, until Verceles introduced you.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, you were called Gov. Hector Sabeniano Sanchez. At first, you yourself could not even believe it!

Now, how could you be so powerful and so influential in national politics that led you to say you were also instrumental in Erap's downfall?

It is not only funny. It's ridiculous.



The PNO here launched an all-out campaign against illegal gambling third week of January.

In a nutshell, these were what they did: Suspect Rogelio Tabo was on board his tricycle from San Andres, on his way to Virac to remit his collection of P816.50 to Engr. Popa, he was intercepted at Palta Small by four policemen.

Half an hour later, the same four cops arrested Ariel Tabo in his tricycle, in the vicinity of the Catanduanes State Colleges on his way to remit his collection of P1,294 to Engr. Popa.

In short, hours of intelligence surveillance confirmed the modus operandi of the suspected collectors before they finally remit their "lotteng" collections to financier or operator Popa.

Don't you think such police operation is odd or strange?

Why arrest the collectors while on their way to remit their collections to Popa? Yes, why? Why not arrest them in the very act of giving the collections to Popa?

Is it because they are protecting Popa because they are given regular protection money? Get the small fish and let the big fish free?

Col. Panen and Col. Rosero, were you joking when both of you declared you'll go after illegal gamblers? Or are you simply fooling the people just to make them believe that you deserve the salary the people give you?

Ano ba, binubola ba ninyo ang mga tao?



Two administrative cases were filed against barangay captain Uspi Bagadiong.

The twin cases were heard by the Virac SB starting March 31, 2000 after they were filed March 13.

The investigation ended July 5, 2000. Today, seven months after the end of the investigation, no decision has been rendered yet. This is clearly illegal and the chair and members of the justice committee could be sued for dereliction of duty.

The Local Government Code says "within 30 days after the termination of the investigation, the Sanggunian concerned shall render a decision in writing stating the facts and reasons for its decision."

Today is February 7, 2001, some seven months, repeat, seven months after the termination of the official investigation. No decision has been released yet the law says "within 30 days" a decision should be rendered.

Justice delayed is justice denied, very very clear! What is my good friend Sammy Besa doing? Pare, dati ginagalang kita.



Virac municipal chief assessor Elvira S. Panti has this to say:

The heirs of owners of land should immediately inform the BIR of their death to avoid paying what is called as estate tax.

If you don't, the BIR will collect the tax, whether you like it or not!

Life is really funny. You pay the government for your death, you pay for your birth, and you pay for your living!

Everything that you pay the government is real blood money. Subali`t nilalaspag lamang ng mga government officials!

For instance, we pay the governor for his weekly plane tickets to and from Manila. we pay for his allowances. We pay for his security guards. We pay, too, for his drivers. We pay for his janitors. And many, many, more. And yet, what does he do in return for all the money we give him?

A big nothing!

Let's vote for him as governor again, so we will have two "nothings.


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